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Memes - Mouse cursors

Memes have long been a familiar part of our lives. And who of us does not like these capacious, interesting and original images to spite the day? Many heroes of memes have become not just popular - they have acquired the status of popular favorites, and phrases and expressions have long been included in colloquial speech as well-established turns. We present a collection of the best cursors based on the most popular memes. With their help, you can not only show your personality, but also express your mood. Are you all tired and tired of everything? Choose an angry cat who, with all his appearance, expresses indignation and hostility to everything around him. Or do you shine with sarcasm today and do not mind laughing? Then Drake Bling will be an excellent accompaniment - it will cheer you up and make any task original and interesting. Install the extension, download our collection - and choose a cursor style for every day. It is not difficult to be bright and original - change the standard design of the icon to one of the heroes of memes and get an energy boost for the whole day.

List of cursors - Memes

Pepe the Frog

Shut up and take my money


Troll face

Deal With It

Surprised Pikachu

Surprised Patrick

Monkey Puppet

Owo and Uwu

Everything is fine

Spiderman pointing at Spiderman

Ok Boomer

Drake Hotline Bling

Think about it

Like sir

Successful child

Cat at the table

Seagull laughs

Slurp Click Noice


Pop Cat

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