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Flags - Mouse cursors

The flag is a unique symbol that is widely used in all social networks. We thought, why not make the cursor a flag? After all, it is really bright and unusual. Now you can spend every day in a company with a new country, and the work will not be so monotonous and boring. Mouse cursors can now be made into the national flag of China or the USA, Japan or Canada, and in another 38 flag options, and you can choose either the standard arrow shape in an unusual color or the cursor in the shape of the flag itself. This set will appeal to all lovers of travel. With it, you can plan new trips and dream of long journeys. Have you planned a vacation? Show everyone which country you want to go to. Maybe you decided to learn a new foreign language? Then this cursor will definitely support you and motivates you to carefully study. Or do you, like Sheldon, just love flags? In all cases, the Flags cursor collection will be a great addition to your desktop and will move you to new discoveries.

List of cursors - Flags

Ukraine cursor

Ukraine Ukraine

South Korea cursor

South Korea South Korea

Thailand cursor

Thailand Thailand

United Arab Emirates cursor

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Georgia cursor

Georgia Georgia

Estonia cursor

Estonia Estonia

Uzbekistan cursor

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Armenia cursor

Armenia Armenia

Bulgaria cursor

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Czech Republic cursor

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Iceland cursor

Iceland Iceland

Poland cursor

Poland Poland

Singapore cursor

Singapore Singapore

Turkey cursor

Turkey Turkey

Argentina cursor

Argentina Argentina

Austria cursor

Austria Austria

Germany cursor

Germany Germany

Chile cursor

Chile Chile

Philippines cursor

Philippines Philippines

Uruguay cursor

Uruguay Uruguay

Mexico cursor

Mexico Mexico

Colombia cursor

Colombia Colombia

Norway cursor

Norway Norway

Japan cursor

Japan Japan

Sweden cursor

Sweden Sweden

France cursor

France France

Switzerland cursor

Switzerland Switzerland

Italy cursor

Italy Italy

Brazil cursor

Brazil Brazil

Netherlands cursor

Netherlands Netherlands

England cursor

England England

Spain cursor

Spain Spain

Kyrgyzstan cursor

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan cursor

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Belarus cursor

Belarus Belarus

Australia cursor

Australia Australia

Canada cursor

Canada Canada

America cursor

America America

Russia cursor

Russia Russia

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