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HALO - Mouse cursors

Halo is a combat fantasy media franchise created by Bungie. Based on the original trilogy of first-person shooter video games. The plot revolves around the events taking place in the life of Master Chief, one of a group of super-soldiers codenamed Spartans, and his companion, the artificial intelligence Cortana. The success of the games has led to the expansion of the franchise into other media: the Halo universe currently spans many books, graphic novels, comics, shorts, animations, and feature films.

List of cursors - HALO

Master Chief


Avery Johnson

Covenant Elite

Guilty Spark Halo Librarian's Symbol

Fred 104 Halo Gun Needler

Linda 058 Halo m6h2 magnum Tactical

Kelly 087 Reach Rifle

Commander Sarah Palmer Covenant Carbine

SPARTAN B312 Plasma Rifle

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