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Pranks - Mouse cursors

Jokes at work are not always welcome, as they often interfere with the workflow. But with the new set of “Pranks” cursors, you can kindly play a trick on your colleagues or friends without harming your work or study. We have developed a special collection that will amuse anyone and give a reason to relax a bit amid the busy process of work or performing another task. To change the mouse cursor, just download the kit to the device and select the design you like in the parameters. For example, you can get a cursor of a standard shape, but in an inverted state or an arrow curved by a wave. This form will not at all impede the process of work, but at the same time it will present a wonderful mood and set you in a positive mood. Change the display settings of the cursor according to your mood or every day - and any task will become more interesting and enjoyable, and everyday life will cease to cause negative emotions. Moreover, such cursors can be used even for serious projects - they have neutral colors and do not stand out from the desktop.

List of cursors - Pranks



Forbidden pointer

Small pointer

Pointer poop


On the other side

Bottom up

Vice versa


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