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Cursors collection Roblox Bed Wars

Roblox Bed Wars - Mouse cursors

Bed Wars is an original mode that appeared for the first time in Minecraft. The task of the players was for the user to protect their base and bed. Roblox brings more exciting games every day and BedWars is no exception. And the thing is, if you love bed wars and defend yourself in your room, this is the title for you because it takes you back to childhood, albeit digitally this time. All you need to do is defend your bed from attackers with your partner. You enter a lobby, choose who to play with, and voila, it's just a matter of protection. Of course, when it comes to defense, you will have some problems and there are certain resources, items and items that will help you win. For example, exclusive skins that you will find in the Bed Wars cursor collection.

List of cursors - Roblox Bed Wars

Archer Tactical Crossbow

Lassy lasso

Sheep Herder sheep

Axolotl Amy Axolotl

Baker Speed ​​Pie

Barbarian Rageblade

Cyber drone

Farmer Cletus

Freiya Ice Sword

Infernal Shielder

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