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In modern realities, almost everyone uses the Internet. Starting from toddlers and ending with retirees. Someone surfs using a browser, another watches videos on YouTube, and someone needs the Network to communicate with loved ones. Any of these users cannot imagine a day without the World Wide Web. Older people often sit on a social network like Facebook or VK. They also often communicate with their children and grandchildren on Skype. This is especially convenient if children and parents live in different cities or even countries. Young people prefer to communicate through Viber or Telegram, upload photos on Instagram, laugh at FB memes. YouTube videos of people’s reactions are gaining millions of views, just like various pranks or social experiments. In Tik-Tok, hundreds of thousands of people dance, show magic tricks and express themselves. Are you interested in or just often use some kind of resource from the sphere of web media? Want to get rid of the boring mouse arrow in your browser? Then install the extension and change the default cursor to our creative! It can be YouTube cursor, Viber cursor, Google Chrome cursor, or other resources.

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