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Fortnite - Mouse cursors

Fortnite has conquered millions of people around the world. Exciting battles, strategy and tactics, adventures - it has absorbed absolutely everything that players like so much. We could not stay away and developed a set of cursors in the style of the game that will appeal not only to avid gamers, but even to those who first heard about Fortnite. The Fortnite cursor icon is an image of a hero or his weapon, worked out to the smallest detail. Here you can find images of foxes and fish, masks of inferno and black knights, set yourself an arrow or a scythe with spikes as an arrow. We are sure that nobody will remain indifferent! To be scary or mysterious, original or humorous - it′s up to you. Choose your style and follow it or set custom cursors in the settings and change your role every day. Now it will become much more interesting and pleasant to perform even tedious and monotonous work - time will fly by quickly in a company with vivid images and favorite characters. Or maybe you will arrange competitions with colleagues, which hero will be stronger? The choice is yours!

List of cursors - Fortnite

Ikonik cursor

Ikonik Ikonik

HONOR Guard cursor


Hayman cursor

Hayman Hayman

P-1000 cursor

P-1000 P-1000

Red Strike cursor

Red Strike Red Strike

Iris Skin Pop cursor

Iris Skin Pop Iris Skin Pop

Lil Whip cursor

Lil Whip Lil Whip

Jellie cursor

Jellie Jellie

Kane cursor

Kane Kane

Ornament Soldier cursor

Ornament Soldier Ornament Soldier

Wooly Mammoth cursor

Wooly Mammoth Wooly Mammoth

Frosted Flurry cursor

Frosted Flurry Frosted Flurry

Frozen Nog Ops cursor

Frozen Nog Ops Frozen Nog Ops

Chaos Agent cursor

Chaos Agent Chaos Agent

Dark Knight cursor

Dark Knight Dark Knight

Psycho cursor

Psycho Psycho

Red Knight cursor

Red Knight Red Knight

Archetype cursor

Archetype Archetype

Merry Marauder cursor

Merry Marauder Merry Marauder

Rabbit Raider cursor

Rabbit Raider Rabbit Raider

Marshmello cursor

Marshmello Marshmello

Drift Mask cursor

Drift Mask Drift Mask

Dark Bomber cursor

Dark Bomber Dark Bomber

Galaxy cursor

Galaxy Galaxy

Renegade Raider cursor

Renegade Raider Renegade Raider

Omega cursor

Omega Omega

Skull Trooper cursor

Skull Trooper Skull Trooper

Elite Agent cursor

Elite Agent Elite Agent

Raven cursor

Raven Raven

Beef Boss cursor

Beef Boss Beef Boss

Battle Hound cursor

Battle Hound Battle Hound

Arachne cursor

Arachne Arachne

Cuddle Team Leader cursor

Cuddle Team Leader Cuddle Team Leader

Fishstick cursor

Fishstick Fishstick

Bachii cursor

Bachii Bachii

Fennix cursor

Fennix Fennix

Vulture cursor

Vulture Vulture

Brite Bomber cursor

Brite Bomber Brite Bomber

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