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Among Us - Mouse cursors

Among Us is based on the famous role-playing game "Mafia". It was planned that the game would be exclusive to mobile devices, because it had only one map. The game quickly became popular. Later, the development team added a multiplayer mode, and two additional maps were released in 2019. Among Us is a top-down third-person game that allows the player to move in all directions. From four to ten players can play in one round. At the start of the game, everyone is secretly assigned the role of a traitor or crew member. Impostor (in Russian translation "Traitor") can hide in the ventilation hatch, sabotage and kill crew members. Its goal is to destroy all crew members, or destroy the spacecraft by sabotage. The goal of the ship's crew is to solve various puzzles prepared for them at the start of the game. If each of the crew members completes all the tasks, the traitors will lose. Also, the ship's crew can achieve victory by eliminating traitors during the vote. Traitors can sabotage from time to time and if the breakdowns are not fixed in 30 seconds, the crew will lose. Before starting the game, you can choose the color of the character you are playing for, blue, red, yellow, gray - whatever! And don't forget to set yourself the appropriate cursor from the new Among Us collection!

List of cursors - Among Us


Black FBI

White Sheriff


Brown deer

Light green

Dead man


Punk brown

Green sword


Gray raven

Purple Viking

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