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Bob's Burgers - Mouse cursors

The animated series Bob’s Burgers is the plot of the animation work and the charisma of the characters. And, judging by the nomination for the Emmy Award and the recognition of the work as one of the best cartoons in the whole world, Bob's Snack really made a splash. The plot of the animated series revolves around the Bob Belcher family. This person is the owner of the diner on the first floor, and on the second he lives with his loved ones. Bob has a cheerful wife Linda and 3 children: Gene, Louise and Tina. The boy dreams of a musical career, the eldest daughter Tina is very kind, but awkward, and the youngest - Louise is still a minx and often puts her family in an uncomfortable position. The main competitor to Bob’s Burgers is Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria. As you might guess, the owner of this pizzeria is called Jim, and he and Bob hate each other. All this was beaten so that it looked comical, not seriously. Therefore, many of their skirmishes cause only a smile. If you love the animated series “Bob's Burgers” and want to see his characters not only on the monitor screen or TV, install the extension, add a collection, and change the mouse cursor in the browser to any of the characters in this cartoon!

List of cursors - Bob's Burgers

Robert «Bob» Belcher

Linda Belcher

Tina Belcher

Gene Belcher

Louise Belcher

Jimmy Pesto


Teddy and Hammer

Gretchen and Hair Dryer

Miss Jacobson

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