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Gravity Falls - Mouse cursors

Gravity Falls was created jointly by Disney Television Animation Corporation and Alex Hirsch. The premiere was released in 2012 and was shown on the Disney Channel. The entire first season of the animated series was spinning there. Two years later, the second season was released, which viewers could watch on the previous channel and on Disney XD. Unfortunately, Gravity Falls fans did not wait for the third and subsequent seasons. The creators decided to limit themselves to two seasons without any sequels. As for the plot of this animated picture, then all the action takes place in a fictional city called Gravity Falls. Two twins come there, whose names are Mabel and Dipper. They are staying with their cousin Stan. He has his own tourist souvenir shop. When the brothers get bored with \\\\\\\\\\\"doing nothing\\\\\\\\\\\", they go in search of adventure. One of them finds a strange diary in the forest, which tells about the anomalies of this town. The twins set off in search of its author and encounter unusual creatures and places. If you are interested in this animated series, and you were once fans of its characters, we recommend you our collection of mouse cursors in the style of Gravity Falls!

List of cursors - Gravity Falls

Gompers cursor

Gompers Gompers

Shmebulock cursor

Shmebulock Shmebulock

Soos Ramirez cursor

Soos Ramirez Soos Ramirez

Pacifica Northwest cursor

Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest

Old Man McGucket cursor

Old Man McGucket Old Man McGucket

Bill Cipher cursor

Bill Cipher Bill Cipher

Mabel Pines cursor

Mabel Pines Mabel Pines

Ford Pines cursor

Ford Pines Ford Pines

Waddles cursor

Waddles Waddles

Mason «Dipper» Pines cursor

Mason «Dipper» Pines Mason «Dipper» Pines

Wendy Blerble Corduroy cursor

Wendy Blerble Corduroy Wendy Blerble Corduroy

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