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Steven Universe - Mouse cursors

The creator of the "Steven Universe" was Rebecca Sugar. She is known for her previous work called Adventure Time. The first episode of Steven Universe was released on the YouTube video platform in the spring of 2013. But in the fall, the American channel Cartoon Network began broadcasting it for its viewers. Since then, 6 seasons have been released. The sixth promises to be final. As for the plot of the animated series, it revolves around the Crystal Gems team. It consists of alien creatures with characteristic names: Pearls, Amethyst and Pomegranate. But there is another participant in it, in the role of which an ordinary boy Stephen acts. Together they look for monsters and try to neutralize them so that they do not take over the Earth for personal gain. They are opposed by Jasper and Peridot - messengers from their home planet who want to defeat the Gems and turn on the Cluster. If you are a fan of Steven Universe and want to see the characters of the animated series wherever you can, install the Cursor Style extension! Why do this? You can add a collection dedicated to the "Steven Universe" and turn the standard mouse pointer into one of your favorite characters.

List of cursors - Steven Universe

Steven Universe


Pearl spear

Lapis Lazuli

Lars Barriga




Rainbow Quartz

Yellow Diamond

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