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Movies - are magic, mysticism and just a great way to relax, have fun and get vivid emotions. At the same time, after watching, we still remember the favorite heroes whom I really want to meet in reality. Now it’s possible - just download the new collection of cursors based on famous films and TV shows. Bright, cool cursors will be a great addition to the desktop, turn boring gray everyday life into a holiday, and banal tasks - into an exciting adventure. Change the cursor hero every day - for mood, tasks or randomly. Who will you be today? Honest and fair John Snow or the bold, relentless John Wick? Maybe you have a difficult mission ahead and only Frodo can complete it? Maybe today you are just an alien who does not want to make contact with others? Choose a suitable cursor - raise your spirits and at the same time show others what you think and how you plan to spend your day. Try it - it is not only fun, but also addictive - you definitely will not want to return to the usual arrow.

List of cursors - Movies

Maleficent and raven cursor

Maleficent and raven Maleficent and raven

Game of Thrones cursor

Game of Thrones Game of Thrones

Matrix cursor

Matrix Matrix

Terminator cursor

Terminator Terminator

V means vendetta cursor

V means vendetta V means vendetta

Transformers cursor

Transformers Transformers

Predator cursor

Predator Predator

Robocop cursor

Robocop Robocop

Saw cursor

Saw Saw

Count Dracula cursor

Count Dracula Count Dracula

It cursor

It It

Scream cursor

Scream Scream

Breaking bad cursor

Breaking bad Breaking bad

Men in Black cursor

Men in Black Men in Black

Harry Potter cursor

Harry Potter Harry Potter

Harry Potter cursor

Harry Potter Harry Potter

Pirates of the Caribbean cursor

Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean cursor

Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean

Lord of the Rings cursor

Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings

Other cursor collections

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