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Cursors collection Minecraft

Minecraft - Mouse cursors

Mouse cursors in the form of standard arrows and fingers have long become boring to everyone. If you are a fan of the unusual and original, then it′s time to change the mouse cursor and give it a more interesting design. We have developed a collection of cursors in the style of the world famous Minecraft game, where you can find the most striking characters. Wolf and fox, Alex and Creeper, diamond sword and fish - you can choose the one you like the most or install a new hero every day. These are real cursors for gamers, and absolutely everyone will like them - after all, which of us has not played Minecraft? We are sure that these simply do not exist. Down with boring everyday life - it′s time to plunge into adventures, which can be done even without leaving your home or office chair. It will be more interesting to prepare a report and reduce the balance with a gun - any task will become more pleasant and will not let you get bored on the spot. Download the new Minecraft cursors collection - set them and even on the grayest and most boring day your mood will always be at its best. And colleagues will envy your results - it is simply impossible not to do your job with the help of the brave heroes of Minecraft.

List of cursors - Minecraft

Sword and Enderman cursor

Sword and Enderman Sword and Enderman

Trident and zombie pumpkin cursor

Trident and zombie pumpkin Trident and zombie pumpkin

Bow and bear cursor

Bow and bear Bow and bear

Golden Pickaxe and Steve cursor

Golden Pickaxe and Steve Golden Pickaxe and Steve

Stick of TNT and Arab cursor

Stick of TNT and Arab Stick of TNT and Arab

Trident and drowned man cursor

Trident and drowned man Trident and drowned man

Piglin cursor

Piglin Piglin

Ax and Alex cursor

Ax and Alex Ax and Alex

Bone and Mr. Torch cursor

Bone and Mr. Torch Bone and Mr. Torch

Other cursor collections

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