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SpongeBob - Mouse cursors

The animated series \\\\\\\\\\\\\\"SpongeBob SquarePants\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" is known to so many people. It was an overwhelming success after Nickelodeon in 1999 decided to create an animated series based on the educational comic strip Tide Zone, and turned into a very lucrative franchise. The creator of the series is a former employee of the oceanological laboratory, which is why almost all the characters in the animated series are funny inhabitants of the seabed, with their own characteristics and charisma. The action revolves around the secret Krabsburger recipe that only the main character can cook - Sponge Bob. And the other inhabitants of the sea day are trying to get it, including the main anti-hero Sheldon Plankton, who doesn’t get it every time. In the SpongeBob cursors collection, we have gathered the cursors of all the notable characters and events of the series. For example, the cursor of Mr. Krabs with the dollar, the cursor of Patrick Star, Squidward with his clarinet, the cursor of the jellyfish, the cursor of Sponge Bob and many other characters.

List of cursors - SpongeBob

Spot cursor

Spot Spot

Flying Dutchman cursor

Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman

Barnacle Boy Blue Glove cursor

Barnacle Boy Blue Glove Barnacle Boy Blue Glove

Slasher cursor

Slasher Slasher

King Neptune cursor

King Neptune King Neptune

Mrs. Puff cursor

Mrs. Puff Mrs. Puff

Sea Superman cursor

Sea Superman Sea Superman

Olaf and Elsa cursor

Olaf and Elsa Olaf and Elsa

Sheldon Plankton cursor

Sheldon Plankton Sheldon Plankton

Squidward clarinet cursor

Squidward clarinet Squidward clarinet

Spongebob cursor

Spongebob Spongebob

Patrick Star cursor

Patrick Star Patrick Star

Mr. Krabs and Krabby Patty cursor

Mr. Krabs and Krabby Patty Mr. Krabs and Krabby Patty

Pearl Krabs and Jellyfish cursor

Pearl Krabs and Jellyfish Pearl Krabs and Jellyfish

Other cursor collections

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