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Hollow Knight - Mouse cursors

After successful Kickstarter funding, in 2017, Team Cherry released the multiplatform PC game Hollow Knight. This is the story of a nameless knight and his discoveries in the Hallownest insect kingdom. The game was rightfully recognized as one of the best in the metroidvania genre. The gameplay of Hollow Knight is based on the exploration of the game world. Overcoming obstacles, solving puzzles and finding secrets, as well as battling enemies. The player has a unique set of improvements and tricks for exploring the world and fighting in battles. Moving from zone to zone, the player defeats bosses and gets the necessary improvements to advance further. As a result, players have to visit the already passed areas to find secrets and go through the story. And it's also exciting because the zones change every time, bringing new surprises and experiences. The game can be played in different ways, because there are several different paths between the zones. Passing through the story, you open the zone map, but first you need to get the map. The main weapon of the hero is a nail, which is somewhat similar to a sword, weapons can be improved with a blacksmith, as well as learn different skills in using weapons, which expands the variety of attacks. By attacking enemies, you accumulate a special resource, which can later be used for improvements or healing. Have fun playing Hollow Knight and don't forget to our Hollow Knight cursors with your favorite character. Our collection includes the Mister Mushroom Cursor, Quirrel Cursor, Hornet Needle Cursor, Old Nail Cursor, Myla Cursor, and other.

List of cursors - Hollow Knight

Pale King


Fluke Hermit



Nail Master



Relic Seeker Lemm


Crystal Guardian

False Knight


Mister Mushroom

Needle Hornet

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