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Around the world - Mouse cursors

Everyone like traveling. How wonderful it is to visit new countries and cities, see the sights and have a great time in the new culture. It’s a pity that we can travel not so often, but we tried to fix it. The set of cursors “Around the World” is a collection of the most striking images, symbols of different countries, with the help of which even sitting at home you can feel like a real traveler. In our kit you can find Japan and Australia, Italy and Canada, the USA and Mexico - the most interesting, original and picturesque countries in the world. The cursor image can become a standard arrow, in the colors of the flag of the country, or become one of the main attractions of the state. For example, you can open documents with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and make presentations using the Statue of Liberty. We guarantee - success will be ensured. Well, or if not success, then the smiles of colleagues and recognition of originality - for sure. Yes, and hinting to management that it’s time to go on vacation will also be worthwhile - just set the suitcase or plane as the cursor - and most likely you will be flying very soon.

List of cursors - Around the world

Eiffel Tower and Heart cursor

Eiffel Tower and Heart Eiffel Tower and Heart

Statue of Liberty and the ball cursor

Statue of Liberty and the ball Statue of Liberty and the ball

Airplane and suitcases cursor

Airplane and suitcases Airplane and suitcases

Leaning Tower of Pisa cursor

Leaning Tower of Pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa

Balloon cursor

Balloon Balloon

Shotgun and bear cursor

Shotgun and bear Shotgun and bear

Backpack and tent cursor

Backpack and tent Backpack and tent

Marshmallow at the stake cursor

Marshmallow at the stake Marshmallow at the stake

Shovel cursor

Shovel Shovel

Picnic and ax cursor

Picnic and ax Picnic and ax

Flashlight cursor

Flashlight Flashlight

Fishing cursor

Fishing Fishing

Sausages at the stake cursor

Sausages at the stake Sausages at the stake

Camping cursor

Camping Camping

Guitar cursor

Guitar Guitar

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