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Starting kit - Mouse cursors

Cursors from the starter collection are a mix of standard shapes and sizes with a bright, unusual look. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer the usual forms, but want to bring diversity, originality and brightness to everyday life. The collection has a hand cursor and a familiar arrow in a variety of variations - from the Google Chrome logo to emoticons, you can even meet here a long-forgotten dragon with cacti and nostalgia. We prove that a standard cursor can also be interesting and attractive. Different colors, shapes, textures and interesting design will help you choose the cursor to your taste or change it every day depending on the mood or tasks performed. Changing browser cursors is very simple - just install the extension and download the collection to your device. Funny, interesting cursors will not only color the working days, but also, for example, help to make any presentation more interesting, and with the help of especially bright cursors, also draw attention to individual elements of the report.

List of cursors - Starting kit

Yin Yang








Black triangle

Pink zombie

Green triangle


Yellow arrow

Blue pointer

White triangle



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