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Cursors collection Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 4 - Mouse cursors

A little more than six months have passed since the finale of the third season. Joyce, Will, Eleven and Jonathan have moved to California where the girl is being bullied at school. The rest begin to fight a new monster from a parallel world that has appeared in Hawkins. He was named Vecna ​​after the Dungeons & Dragons board game character. It affects teenagers psychologically, then mentally climbs into the head and kills. In parallel, Joyce and Murray learn that Jim Gopper is alive and go after him to a Soviet prison in Kamchatka. And Eleven will have to return and increase his powers, but also learn his important role in creating the same monster in Gokins. The writers did not change the plot tactics that they liked the last few seasons. In the fourth season, they divided the large group of main characters into groups, came up with difficult tasks for them, and at the end built their stories together in an amazing ending. We offer you to understand all these adventures in detail with the help of the Stranger Things cursors collection.

List of cursors - Stranger Things 4

Steve Harrington cursor

Steve Harrington Steve Harrington

Eddie Munson cursor

Eddie Munson Eddie Munson

Eleven Jane Hopper cursor

Eleven Jane Hopper Eleven Jane Hopper

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