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Fortnite Chapter 2 - Mouse cursors

The second chapter of Fortnite came after a grand event - The End, which dragged everything that the players in the game loved into a black hole. Fortnite Chapter 2 now has a new map, which at first glance is even more wild than the original map, as well as many changes in the game mechanics and of course a lot of new game content! Vehicles, emotions, swimming mechanics and much more - all this in fresh, interesting images, all as you love and appreciate in this cult game. Immerse yourself in a new world - choose a landing site and explore a completely new island with 13 locations. Swimming, fishing, motor boats - this is a new water gameplay. More fun and less effort - upgrade a completely new chapter 2 and don't forget to change the cursor to new skins and weapons. You are already waiting for the updated skins Turk cursor, Riptide cursor, Rippley cursor, Remedy cursor, Toxin cursor, 8-Ball cursor, Fusion cursor and others!

List of cursors - Fortnite Chapter 2

Black Cuddle Team Leader









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