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Family Guy - Mouse cursors

An animated sitcom called "Family Guy" in the entire history of its existence 4 times won the Emmy Award and 3 times the "Annie". The animated series ridicules the sore topics of American society, such as: feminism, slavery, obesity, politics, etc. Unlike other works, insets with jokes and sarcasm are used here. Moreover, in many cases they are not integrated into the plot, but exist on their own. One episode of the animated series is created over 10 months. Why so long? Because the whole animation is drawn by hand. Because of this, some of the events covered by the work have time to lose relevance. But even so, the sitcom remains very interesting and gains the favor of viewers around the world. After all, who does not like to laugh well at politicians, celebrities or people who commit wild antics and thereby surprise or even shock ordinary people. Do you like "Family Guy"? You have a unique opportunity to turn a normal mouse cursor into any of the characters of this animated series! What do I need to do? Just install the “Cursor Style” browser extension, add a collection dedicated to “Family Guy” to it, and enjoy a fabulous reincarnation!

List of cursors - Family Guy

Peter Griffin

Lois Griffin

Meg Griffin

Chris Griffin

Stewie Griffin

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