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The LEGO Group company was founded back in 1932 and then it consisted of only 7 people. The Lego team's goal was to create toys that develop a child's creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. An amazing fact, since its inception in 1949, LEGO elements in all their variants have remained compatible with each other. All items created later are still compatible with items that are being released today, despite changes in design and shape over the years. A LEGO brick is a base, which is a hollow plastic block that connects to other similar bricks. But Lego sets also contain other parts, wheels, figures, platforms, and even electronic circuits with sensors and electric motors. You can collect models of cars, planes, trains, ships, buildings, robots. LEGO adheres to the idea of ​​modularity, which clearly demonstrates to children how to solve certain problems, develop imagination, fine motor skills of hands and assembly skills. LEGO bricks are crafted with incredible precision and fit together perfectly for stunning 10 micron precision. Recently, many popular 3D animated Lego stories have been created, where the characters from the sets come to life and become participants in incredible adventures. If you want a cool cursor, you will find many characters from the Lego TV series and animated films in our Lego Cursors collection. Lego Ninjago Cursor, Lego Batman Cursor, Lego Ninjago Cursor, Lego Wyldstyle Cursor and many more.

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